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Montie Myrvik and Shane Nowka are the owners and operators of Novik industries. They share an unbridled passion for growing top shelf cannabis. Shane and Montie started “back in the day”, when it was a little more difficult to get consistent quality and have honed their growing skills using the latest and greatest products and technology available today. Shane and Montie are both proud family men and when they are not “growing the fire” they enjoy spending time with their families. Shane is originally from Spokane Washington, while Montie is originally from Frankfurt, Germany. He moved to Spokane in High School where Shane and Montie met and shared a bond of growing cannabis. If you have ever enjoyed our product, there’s a good chance one of these guys has given the crop the care and love that you’d expect from such passionate people!


FUN FACT: The name Novik is a mix of both their last names.

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